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Ars Pro week: Support Ars, get gear, stay informed

I don’t often get to write for the Ars Technica front page anymore—I’m usually off pulling levers behind the scenes—but I count it a privilege every day to work with the team we’ve assembled here at Ars for the express purposes of serving you, the reader! As such, I hope …

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How to Provide Customer Support on Social Media Faster

Providing customer support on social media isn’t optional for brands these days. When it takes days or weeks to get a reply on social media, your customers lose interest in your brand, which can ruin your reputation. The days when using phone calls were enough to provide customer support are …

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Valorant shows off Sage, a support hero

Riot Games has released some specific details about one of the heroes coming to its team-based shooter, Valorant. Sage is a healer who can resurrect dead allies. She can also launch an orb that creates a slowing field when it hits the ground. Anyone caught in the field with will …

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5 Technologies to Support Working from Home

The recent spread of COVID-19 is inspiring more and more businesses to ask employees to work from home. But have they prepared their employees to do so? Modern offices are packed with technology and infrastructure that makes work possible, but most homes don’t have a fraction of that support. If …

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Crisis VRigade adds co-op via SideQuest, seeks community support

After two rejections from Facebook and procuring nearly 80,000 downloads for Oculus Quest anyway, the developers of Time Crisis-inspired Crisis VRigade are seeking community support as they launch a co-op mode. The new pay-as-you-want Itchio store page for the free SideQuest game coincides with the launch of a cooperative mode. You and a couple …

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